E Energy Adams, LLC Mission Statement: 

Our goal is to use locally grown grains to produce an environmentally friendly fuel which will add value to the local economy while generating profits for both our investor owners and area grain and livestock producers.

Site Address
E Energy Adams Office
13238 East Aspen Road
Adams, NE  68301
Phone: 402-988-4655
Commodities Office: 402-988-2500

Fax: 402-988-5205

It looks like the weather is going to make harvesting this year’s crop a challenge.  We want to be accommodating to the best of our receiving/drying abilities.  We are extending hours this week. 
Please schedule your wet corn loads as we have limited working space and limited drying capacity.  Additionally, please remember the maximum moisture is 22% this week.  As of right now, we have a fairly wide open schedule.  That can change quickly, so please advise us of your wet corn harvest plans quickly.      
Monday - Friday 7am to 7pm
Saturday: 7:30am to 6pm
Sunday: Noon to 6pm
Weather permitting

Hours are pending weather and wet corn space.  Please watch email, website and texts for updates.


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