Grain Harvest Policy

Effective September 21, 2019. Subject to Change without Notice.

Grain title will pass to E Energy Adams, LLC at the time of delivery on all corn.

Price later bushels are not allowed to be applied to “to arrive” contracts. Future delivered contracts are to be delivered in the designated month sold and not before without prior approval from E Energy Adams.

All corn delivered will be applied to contract on a first in, first out basis. 

All unsold corn will be put on price later with the first ten days free of any charges.  If corn is not sold after ten days, charges of 4.0 cents per bushel per month on a pro-rata basis will be charged starting back to the day of delivery until September 30, 2020.  If corn is not sold by September 30, 2020, there will be a 20.0 cent per bushel price later fee along with 9.0 cents per bushel per month on a pro-rata basis.    

Corn Grading and Price Later charges will be done on a load by load basis. 


  • 15.0% is considered dry basis for cash grain and price later grain.
  • 2.75% shrink per point from 15.0% to 16.9% moisture.
  • 4.25% shrink per point from 17.0% to 19.9% moisture.
  • 5.5% shrink per point from 20.0% up.
  • 17.0% moisture or above is subject to rejection

Test Weight:

  • 54# is no discount.
  • $0.02/bushel discount per point below 54.0.
  • Below 50 is subject to rejection.


  • 5% or less is no discount.
  • $0.03/bushel per point above 5%.
  • All damage above 5.0% is subject to rejection.

Foreign Material:

  • 3.0% is allowed.
  • FM above 3.0% will be shrunk by weight to 3.0%
  • FM above 3.0% is subject to rejection.


  • Under 20 ppb aflatoxin -- no discount.
  • 20-30 ppb aflatoxin -- 25 cents per bushel.
  • Over 20 ppb aflatoxin -- subject to rejection.

Additional Terms:

  • National Grain and Feed Trade Rules to Apply
  • Musty, Sour, Heating, Hot, COFO, and infested is subject to $0.10/bushel discount and is subject to rejection depending on condition of grain.
  • A $7.00/load inspection will be charged on each load.
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